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The I Love Merino Story

After many years retailing in Melbourne and Dunedin, a lifestyle change saw Margarita move North to the sunny Mount Maunganui where I Love Merino ran as an established retail store for 11 years. During this time Margarita was renovating a unique home based location and the time had come to make the move into her new boutique home and garden store.

I Love Merino continues as a fresh shopping experience in a garden cottage, there is a full range the same as the previous retail store, with less overheads meaning the savings are passed on to the customers.


New Zealand Made

Merino & Possum Blends

Pure Merino Wool is combined with New Zealand Possum fur to produce a luxurious fibre softer and warmer than any fibre previously and has superior washing and wear resistance.


The New Zealand Possum is a pest in New Zealand that was introduced from Australia in the 1800's and pose a serious threat to the environment, native birds, and agriculture. The possums are harvested humanely, and the purchase of a Possum product is actually assisting the restoration of the New Zealand environment.

NWL300 Gathered Boat Neck .jpg

Linen & Other Fine Textiles

European Linen

View the new range of European linen made by established Merino/Possum manufacturer Weft in Christchurch.

Introduced in the Summer of 2021 as a high quality and breathable summer fashion option, Weft has spent considerable time researching and sourcing the very best linen the world has to offer and they have settled on Belgium linen.


Nobile Wilde by Weft have created a fabulous range of beautiful linen garments incorporating plain pastel shades, checks, stripes and florals.


New styles on their way for Spring 2022. 


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Closed Sundays.

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